our expertise

building washing

WE provide soft washing, building washing services. Soft washing is the most effective method of cleaning and restoration of a building regardless of the type of material it is constructed from. It ensures no damage to the delicate brickwork, stonework or exterior walls.

concrete cleaning

cleaning concrete periodically will extend its service life an d enhance its beauty . There are multiple way to clean concrete depending on the type of surface. Each requires a different procedure to avoid damaging the surface. To clean concrete we use hot water pressure washing engines to remove dirt, mold, algae and other debris. Our engines pressurize the water to 3500 pounds per square inch to ensure all surfaces are cleaned thoroughly and environmentally friendly.

Gum removal

Hot water pressure washing machines are effective in the removal of chewing gum because they rely on super heated water to loosen and dissolve the sticky substance. Our hot water engines brings the water to a boiling 300 degrees Fahrenheit, easily removing gum deposits.

dumsterpad cleaning

Restaurant owners, just don’t wash it steam it! We use environmental friendly degreasers to bring oil deposits from inside the concrete to the surface and we use hot water to (300 degrees Fahrenheit) to wash heavy grease stains away.

house washing

We clean most of our homes by a method called soft washing. The soft washing cleaning method is the perfect way to remove grime & buildup without damaging your home in anyway.

driveway cleaning

We can clean normal sized driveways in about 30-45 minutes. We use commercial equipment the a typical homeowner doesn’t have. Metro Environmental Cleaning has been serving the Houston area for over 10 years. As a owner operated business with a personal touch and experienced professional work, your satisfaction and repeat business is what we strive for.

roof cleaning

Algae grows when they have the right conditions such as adequate nutrients (mostly phosphorous and nitrogen what your roof is made of). Algae feeds of the nutrients in your roof breaking down the strength of your shingles and causing premature roof replacement.

patio cleaning

Houston its that time of the year! All patios are cleaned for $0.10 per square foot (Flat rate pricing) call now for your free quote or size estimate.

parking lot washing

Parking lots can attract a host of debris. Everything from discarded gum to cigarettes, oil drips from vehicles, stains from spilled coffee and food. When your parking lot doesn’t look well maintained, your business doesn’t look well maintained either.Let us clean and maintain your parking lot!

oil stain removal

Oil stains on your driveway look messy and unattractive. unfortunately, asphalt is very porous and oil saturates the surface, making it hard to remove. A professional pressure washing company will choose highly concentrated soaps to aggressively attack oil stains on your driveway.

graffiti removal

When it comes to graffiti removal cleanup efforts, pressure washers are a great match for graffiti paint and can help city of volunteer groups effectively and effortlessly remove artwork.

Side walk cleaning

To clean concrete effectively, use a pressure washer with a pressure rating of 3000 pounds per square inch and a flow rate of at least 4 gallons per minute. Although higher pressures might be required to remove tough contaminates such as paint and heavy tire-skid marks, most pressure washing contractors agree that 3000 pounds per square inch will do the trick for almost all cleaning jobs.