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Keeping Your Property Cleaner with Our

Hot Water Pressure Washing System

We use a hot water and/ or bio-degradeable cleaning system to deep clean the pores in your concrete. This ensures your property is always thoroughly cleaned, from the areas you use daily to that hard to clean rust.

Established in 2007 Metro Environmental Cleaning has provide detailed pressure washing services for our valued clients across the United States. You can depend on us for thorough pressure washing and outside building cleaning so that you can enjoy a clean property without the hassle of it cleaning yourself.

"dependable" & "hassel free"

since 2007

About us

Our company has gained its reputation as a reliable professional provider of pressure washings services since its establishment. We are a major exterior maintenance contractor in private sector and in the public sector.

Our mission

To become a highly respected, national exterior cleaning company, with a strong national brand identity which earns the devotion of our customers

Services we offer

  • Pressure Washing
  • Concrete Stain Removal (Rust, hard water stains, gum , oil etc.)
  • Post Construction Clean-Up

What Our Customers say

I was introduced to Metro Environmental Cleaning about 3 months ago. We saw a huge result from their combination of skilled talent and the various cleaning goals they set for our company's cleaning projects.

Lizzie Thompson

“I appreciate the professionalism of your staff--they are truly wonderful. They do an outstanding job, and I have enjoyed having them at my home.”

Emma Velasquez


Our professionals specialize in power washing and are familiar with the right settings and angles to get the best results for your home or commercial property.


Metro Environmental Cleaning follows proper washing guidelines and uses only environmentally friendly chemicals to ensure our customers are 100% satisfied.


The solution to cleaner and better looking driveways is high-class power washing services for your driveway from Metro Environmental Cleaning.

woods & decks

Power washing your deck is a better investment than installing a completely new deck. It will not only help save money, but will also get your old deck to shine like new once again.

Our Services

Pressure washing

Keep your building’s exterior surfaces in good condition with regular pressure washing, surface cleaning, and store front cleaning.

Storefront Area Washing

Our pressure washing services can beautify your commercial worksite from top to bottom, including: Building exteriors, Sidewalks, Signage, Awnings, Parking lots.

Parking Lot Washing

We can meet your needs consistently: weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc

Apartment Pressure Washing

From 30 story buildings, to big box stores, to strip malls, the professionals at Metro Environmental Cleaning have the equipment, experience, and training to keep the face of your business clean and clear.

Oil Stain Removal

Our cleaning professionals are trained to clean and treat problems on a full range of surfaces: stains, mold, rust, algae and more

Construction Clean-up

We can handle any size job, from single-family residential construction clean up to larger commercial projects in Houston markets.

deep in the heart of texas

There’s a special Texan culture in the people, the food, the way of life—even the way we speak—but it’s all these unique Texas features that makes it our home. Texas is home to our business, Metro Environmental Cleaning, we thank the community for their support and we hope that everyone continues to stick around for this epic ride.

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